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It’s not difficult to imagine a slogan like “play hard, relax harder” for Los Cabos. With a massive array of strenuous outdoor activities and a vibrant nightlife, “play hard” has never been so easy or so fun.  Los Cabos is also famous for its relaxation, and not just because of the abundant world class spas. Relaxation can also take the form of listening to live jazz, strolling through art galleries, hiking in the Sierras. But what if you want to combine this with some good, honest work to pay the bills? Whether you’re a Mexican, an Ex-Pat or just visiting, Los Cabos is a great place to work as well.

Los Cabos has an incredibly robust and growing economy with a great need for multi-lingual workers at higher than average pay and dedicated specialists and support businesses to keep high-end hospitality industry competitive and at the cutting edge. One of the local hotel unions, “CROC”, has even created a hospitality school to help train workers to fill the high demand, while the government has stepped in to help hotels deal with high turnover rates as good employees constantly seek the next big opportunity for their career. People who bring language skills and new ideas to the service industry are a critical part of what makes Los Cabos a great place to visit and live.

As more and more people visit Los Cabos, many Mexicans and foreigners alike are creating new businesses that cater to those looking for a unique experience here. New restaurants, new ways of experiencing the outdoors, new schools, new shops, new services, and so much more. If you have ideas for making Los Cabos more vibrant and exciting for our guests, you’re very much welcome here!

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And what about people who are tied to a foreign industry? With telecommuting, high speed wireless internet and automation comes more freedom to combine work and play! Many people are finding that they can spend more and more time in Los Cabos while successfully managing work from afar, allowing them to spend weeks and months at a time enjoying life while making a good living at their existing work or business.

Los Cabos also has a very pro-business atmosphere with incredible event and conference support and logistics which makes it a great business incubator. There are regular business conferences and workshops assisting companies in growing their business. And local companies like Circulo Humano are ready to assist companies with organizational analysis to build better teamwork and manage human resource issues. Circulo Humano assists with building communication and helps retain valuable employees in order to maximize productivity and cooperation in the workplace. In Los Cabos, “mindfulness” is the order of the day – growing business in harmony with the people and the region to create a sustainable and cooperative economy.

However you like to make a living, Los Cabos isn’t just a resort town anymore, it is quickly becoming an economic hub with all of the technologies and capabilities to allow you to grow your business or career while having fingertip access to a lifestyle almost beyond imagining.  You don’t have to be rich and famous to live like you’re rich and famous in Los Cabos! Find your niche, we’ll bring the fun!

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