Smart Home Technology: The Next Big Thing in Real Estate

Stay in control, no matter where you are!

Smart Home Technology for Real Estate

Whether you just want to open the front door for someone or see who is ringing the bell, control the temperature or be alerted to a water leak, home control is an important feature for part time residents, while adding incredible convenience for full timers.   

Whereas home automation cost tens of thousands of dollars 10 years ago and required expensive installation and programming making them accessible only for luxury dwellings, modern control systems are now less expensive than a typical home theater system, are mostly-to-completely wireless and require only basic setup and a standard internet connection to be fully operational adding a great value to your property.

Savvy homeowners knows smart home devices are becoming more common and less expensive, with no need to be a computer expert.  Modern systems and add-on are amazingly user friendly, even “plug and play”. You can even make your own adjustments and automation sequences easily, or have it be done for you remotely. Updates are automatic and no maintenance required. A “smart” addition to your Real Estate investment.

Real Estate Smart Tech - Alexa

Even in secure neighborhoods like Palmilla Dunes, having a few cameras installed can give you added peace of mind, or the ability to take a quick look if you receive an alert, such as a flood or fire sensor alert.  Being able to open a garage door or gate for a worker or unlock a door means fewer people need to have access to your keys. Tell your automated sprinkler to pause for a few days due to rainy weather, or turn on the pool filtering system in advance of some renters. Make your stereo system one-touch, or turn it off if a renter can’t figure out how to do it. Just about any product that operates on Z-wave or internet can be controlled!

Real Estate Smart Home Tech

Home automation and control is becoming more common for homebuyers, Real Estate investors and tenants who prefer smart home features that add convenience and security.  Those systems are particularly conceived to save costs and energy, adding an environmental aspect to the equation.

Starter packages are available for just over $1000 and can be added on indefinitely as need arises.

Real Estate Security Options

If you want to learn more about Home Automation or explore possibilities for your smart residence, you can contact John at He will be more than happy to assist you to find the option that fits right in with your Palmilla Dunes Residence.

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