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Patty Soto Cabo Real Estate Agent

With over twenty years living in Los Cabos and more than ten years of experience working around luxury Real Estate in Los Cabos, it is a natural move for Patty Soto to move to actually working in Cabo Real Estate! Patty has only two modes: “can do!” and “make it happen!” and a stunning ability to multitask.

With all of the excitement surrounding Los Cabos and the incredible amount of development occurring, it’s a perfect time to look more seriously about investing in Real Estate in Mexico. There are more options than ever from older established communities to modern freshly created developments, there’s something just right for you, whether you want to be in the center of the action or hiding away in a quiet enclave.

Looking to be active in a community? No one is more plugged in than Patty, with her thousands of connections and her own charitable projects. Because Los Cabos isn’t just a piece of Real Estate, it’s a community with personal networks and projects, art, music and more, all in constant movement and change.

The tourism industry just can’t get enough of Los Cabos. As new hotels such as the Four Seasons and Nobu Hotel come on line, more and more visitors annually find the allure of Los Cabos Real Estate and this ensures growing value for decades to come. To see Los Cabos is to want to be in Los Cabos. When you’re ready to think about taking that next step and can imagine your own home in Baja, give Patty a call!

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