Cabo Real Estate: Investing in Los Cabos

Baja California Sur continues to provide one of the most attractive investment environments in the world and each area of Los Cabos has something unique to offer to those looking for their ideal lifestyle; all within close proximity to all of its charms.


Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Real Estate - Cabo San Lucas pool The world-famous Cabo San Lucas offers a unique combination of attributes that attract a wide audience. While known for its youth oriented nightlife and a club scene that attracts tourism, Cabo is also known for its well established luxury developments that attract the wealthy second home buyer and retirees with first class luxury and unparalleled views of the ocean. Many of these homes have exciting architectural elements from being built into the side of the steep Pedregal cliffs that rises sharply above the ocean, but of course, command very high prices. During the day, its marina and shopping area is alive with visitors and locals alike, enjoying the rich restaurant and upscale shopping atmosphere and ocean activities. Cabo San Lucas is the place to be for avid deep sea fisherman and the site of many high-end fishing tournaments and charity events. The marina hosts a wide variety of boat tours, from small glass boats taking visitors to the world famous arch and even a real submarine tour. Visitors walking the docks are often treated to visits from a few local sea lions that have adopted the marina as their permanent home. It’s a beautiful place to observe multiple varieties of puffer fish and other species that like the rocky harbor.


Pacific Side

Cabo Real Estate: Pacific Side To the west of Cabo San Lucas lies Pacific Side developments, such as Diamante, home to Nobu and Hard Rock Hotel, Quivira at Pueblo Bonito and Rancho San Lucas by Solmar Group. These areas generally share their location with the hotels and resorts associated with them and are more secluded and each one is separated from each other. These residential areas are more for those looking to escape the world in isolation near the beach, although the strong currents and waves are generally unsafe for swimming.


San José del Cabo

Only about 20 minutes away, San Jose del Cabo offers a far different environment. San Jose is more oriented towards a more relaxed family living with its local downtown art district and other community features. It is a more classically Mexican environment with a more subdued nightlife, but also has a high-end marina for boat owners and a several large developments featuring more common large luxury villa design overlooking the ocean, such as the Ritz Carlton Residences in Puerto Los Cabos, and Querencia now featuring their new Beach Club at Costa Azul beach. San Jose has a wealth of charms with its intimate art galleries, town square and classic colonial style architecture, with an older and more relaxed feel to it. During the high season, the weekly Thursday evening Art Walk is a great way to mingle and enjoy the local ambience. It is also home to the Los Cabos’ international airport just north of town. While San Jose brings its own tourists to its newer and higher end hotel area, it very much gives the impression of a more traditional Mexican town.


Cabo Golf Course at dusk


East Cape

To the northeast of San Jose lies the East Cape which caters to those trying to escape the more populated areas for a quieter, more relaxed life in a much less developed area. East Cape is a scuba diver’s paradise, just below the world famous Cabo Pulmo reef, a personal favorite of Jacque Cousteau who referred to it as “The World’s Aquarium”. As a much more rugged environment with fewer services and further from civilization, it caters to those trying to escape it all and enjoy nature in its purest state. The East Cape is a naturalist dream, very attractive to ecologically oriented homeowners who like to live off the grid in a more secluded environment. At the same time, new upscale hotels such as Four Seasons and Grand Mayan have brought modern options for visitors looking to explore the surrounding natural beauty.


Cabo Real Estate: Corridor Beach



Between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas lies “The Corridor” which is a mix of modern resorts, golf courses, and neighborhoods that attract an eclectic international clientele. Filling the 20 miles between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose, it allows people to easily enjoy the whole package from a central location and features beautiful developments such as Montage and Maravilla at Santa Maria Beach and Chileno Bay Resort. On a practical note, it is a relatively short jump to get to the airport or to Costco, and with a new airport bypass road to avoid local rush hour traffic to the north of San Jose. Close by are new shopping and dining options and a modern new hospital as well as the upscale Shoppes at Palmilla close to San Jose. For many, the biggest attraction will be the 27 hole Jack Nicklaus designed Palmilla golf course. For others, it will be the nearby surfer’s beach complete with a close by palapa style bar to relax and enjoy the sound of the ocean. When you’re ready to take a swim, Palmilla has one of the few truly swimmable beaches near Land’s End just a quick hop away by car or golf cart, with nearby restaurants, bars and spas for a relaxing end to an adventurous day, or the beginning of a truly relaxed one. Everything you could want, just minutes away.


Cabo Real Estate Market Shift

Resort Pool While Cabo San Lucas got its start as an adventurers’ paradise, it has rapidly filled out and become a more mature area while those seeking more raw adventure and rustic scenery have moved more towards the East Cape area. Likewise, San Jose which was once a sleepy and traditional village has come alive with a more vibrant art and family living scene, but with more limited area to build within the city. These demographic changes have caused the Cabo real estate market to adapt substantially over time. As modern life and technology has allowed working people to break away for longer periods of time and as air travel has become more common and affordable, Los Cabos has attracted more families and a younger audience of homeowners compared to the traditional retired entrepreneurs in the past. While many people still do engage in time shares and spend only a week or two in the area, more and more, people are enjoying Los Cabos for months at a time and prefer to have their own manageable residence to enjoy more often with friends and family. Many of these are rented as an investment property to recoup much, even all of the cost, of their Los Cabos homes.


Palmilla Dunes

In Palmilla Dunes, the high-end condominium lifestyle allows you to enjoy the rich amenities of gated Los Cabos luxury real estate at far more accessible price, with much lower maintenance costs. Starting at only $529,000 USD, Palmilla Dunes is the only way to live the Palmilla lifestyle for under $1 million. A beautiful professionally maintained community salt water pool gives you all the advantages of pool ownership without the constant maintenance and costs of your own pool, plus an additional pool for children and teens. Sculptured greenscapes and natural desert beauty surrounds you, including the famous Palmilla Golf Course nearby. A full gymnasium is available as well as two tennis courts, two paddleball courts and 4 pickleball courts so people can keep in shape while earning a break from their work life. Pickleball is especially popular now as it is an easy and fun pastime that doesn’t require advanced skills and is a great way to meet new friends and contacts. All of these shared luxuries are available without the front end investment and maintenance costs involved with a villa resort style home and come with the advantage of feeling part of a connected community with other successful and interesting people sharing common interests and fun. Palmilla Dunes’ community lifestyle is where friendships are born!

Cabo Real Estate: Palmilla Dunes Aerial

Looking to the future, Palmilla Dunes is already planning to bring even more community amenities to its residents. A private movie theater is on the drawing boards, as well as a sports bar. Increased facilities will add a sauna and lockers as well as a Kids Club for our younger residents and visitors to help them enjoy their time here. Like our residents, Palmilla Dunes is full of energy with a bright future ahead and a zest for life and with so much in store. These new projects will add to the value and draw of your investment, whether for yourself, your guests or renters.

When you’re ready to come inside and relax, Palmilla Dunes bathes you in luxury inside your condominium with a full array of top of the line appliances from GE and Moen with stainless steel finishes. Stone and wood finishes abound, creating a warm and relaxing environment oozing with class and modernity. Hidden away are more practical items like a garbage disposal and advanced 3-way water filtration system. Elegant ceiling fans, energy saving LED lighting and Leviton dimmers and switches allow you to create a relaxed, fresh and comfortable environment while lowering energy costs.

Palmilla Dunes Luxury Residences - Ocean View Terrace

For those who are looking to purchase as a smart investment, there are many excellent reasons to invest in Cabo Real Estate. There is nearly an insatiable appetite for Los Cabos tourism. For this reason, the hotel industry is booming with new and exciting projects. The Federal government has also taken notice and has invested deeply in Los Cabos, building a recently constructed convention center, new roads and many other public works to help continue the growth of the area and to invite more tourism and private investment. And with the growth of the Mexican middle class, more and more mainland Mexicans are finding Los Cabos to be the perfect investment for a getaway and rental property.

Recent investments in the San Jose airport have helped it cross the 5 million passenger mark. With new direct flights to Las Vegas, and other cities in the US and a new flights coming soon to and from London, Los Cabos is increasingly becoming a major international tourism and investment destination. In 2018 alone, more than 1000 hotel rooms were added to the economy. This demand to visit Los Cabos has greatly increased the demand for private rentals, especially via internet applications like airbnb and VRBO. So if you wish to list your condominium for rent, modern applications like these can help you find quality clientele to help provide a steady income stream, all with the support of Palmilla Dunes personnel standing behind you and with all of the added amenities providing great reasons for visitors to rent from you!

What makes Palmilla Dunes so special in this vibrant environment is its perfect location. Aside from being perfectly situated in the San Jose/Cabo San Lucas corridor, Palmilla is the Grand Dame of Los Cabos. Incredibly well established and safe, it has always provided a quiet getaway, sufficiently removed from the spring break crowd, yet only a quick drive to Cabo San Lucas if you want to have an exciting night on the town. Palmilla has always been about classy and refined living, with its state of the art Nicklaus golf course and proximity to the Palmilla beach. Palmilla is resort living at its best, with ocean views, the private golf club and the luxurious Shoppes. Golf cart trails make for easy and eco-friendly transportation around the entire residential area. And unlike many residential areas, Palmilla is easily accessed with very well designed bridge and ramps for safe entry and egress in both directions. And now with the new airport bypass, it is just minutes to the airport with no congestion.

Cabo Real Estate: The Club at Palmilla Dunes

Palmilla Dunes expands the exclusive clientele base of Palmilla by providing a more affordable option to sprawling high maintenance properties. The properties are ideal for younger professional audience and beginning families that are building their businesses or expanding their real estate portfolio. Because Palmilla Dunes is perfectly compatible with rentals, investors can offset a large portion of their investment or even turn it into an active business, earning money from the hot tourism industry. With the high cost of luxury hotels, it’s easy to see how appealing a week long luxury condominium rental is for a small group of visitors or for those looking to escape the cold for a few months at a time. And Palmilla Dunes has a special attraction for golfers looking to play a different and challenging course.

Los Cabos is also a great place to raise a family, with many local bilingual private schools that provide exceptional education for children and provide them the learning experience of a lifetime and the ability to quickly learn a second language. Unlike American schools which only teach a few classes a week in other languages or have English as a Second Language courses, Mexican bilingual schools are split with half a day in English immersion for the local kids, half a day in Spanish immersion for other native language speakers.

Palmilla Dunes’ finished condominiums are sold out right now but one can also lock down condominiums at pre construction price, before it reaches the hot Los Cabos luxury real estate market. Aside from the price advantage, it allows you to customize your new home’s finishes as it is being built. And you can take advantage of in-house financing options, whether it is in 3 payments spread out over the term of the construction, or with 50% down and payments spread over 2-5 years. With today’s market, the value of your home will only increase for the foreseeable future.

Palmilla Dunes has 8 different designs from approximately 1300 square feet to 2500 square feet of interior space. These units have from two to four bedrooms (three bedrooms, one convertible studio), with an equal number of bathrooms for maximum convenience. The living space is open for the best room flow and most spacious possible feel. The long term trend in home ownership across the globe is smaller and more energy efficient but more luxurious and high-tech and Palmilla Dunes is on top of this by providing homes that maximize luxury, value and low maintenance. The condominiums are designed to maximize internal space to create the feeling of a larger home and with all of the luxuries and more.

The terraces and courtyards are a real delight. With up to 1500 square feet of terrace, the homes open up in living space simply by opening the sliding doors and are truly a part of the living area. Undeniably, Los Cabos is all about the outdoors, even while relaxing at home, whether it is catching the morning sun while taking in a book, or sipping a margarita on the deck with music during the evening. The Courtyards add a natural green space and shade to the man made modernity and luxuries built in to your home.

The three penthouse designs provide an additional rooftop terrace and facilities for maximizing evening enjoyment with exterior spiral staircases and jacuzzi. Pitched roofs add to the spacious feel of the open great room and living area while an upstairs bar helps create the perfect place to end a relaxing evening.

The real star of Palmilla Dunes are its Lofts, a truly rare real estate offering in Los Cabos, with their fusion of modern open spaces and classically elegant Mexican design. Expansive window areas, tall roofs and terraces on all levels make for a dynamic and open feel that preserves the open space environment of Los Cabos, even indoors. These provide the spacious feeling of a large and costly villa, but in a smaller, more efficient size that is easier to maintain. The Lofts are also available as penthouses with additional rooftop living and terrace space, providing the perfect way to relax in the cooler evenings. Several Lofts will be made available for fractional ownership in the near future in addition to full ownership. No other development features loft designs. While there are many options for homes for sale in San Jose del Cabo, there is nothing like The Lofts at Palmilla Dunes!


Dunes Garden Dunes PH Palm Garden Palm PH The Nest Loft
Bedroom 2 2 3 3 2 2
Bathroom 2 2 3 3 2 2
Studio 1 1
Powder room 1 1 1 1
AC area (Sq Ft) 1,587.00 1,587.00 1,897.00 1,892.00 1,403.61 1,781.64
Terrace (Sq Ft) 320.00 284.00 444.40 436.50 307.85 380.18
Courtyard (Sq Ft) 239.28 180.83 229.16
Private access stairs (Sq Ft) 165.44 159.50 189.98
Roof Top terrace (Sq Ft) 680.92 588.25 377.27
TOTAL (Sq Ft) 2,146.00 2,717.35 2,522.00 3,076.65 1,940.62 2,729.07


Palmilla Dunes is in constant movement, with new additions to its range of services and communal luxuries. The growth of the development brings new opportunities for its owners and increased possibilities for steady income and resale profits. Just as important, Palmilla Dunes is a safe investment, with clear title and an established developer in within the Grande Dame of Los Cabos. You don’t have to miss out on the beauty of Palmilla in Los Cabos with the ease of purchase of your Palmilla Dunes property!

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